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A hodge-podge of photographic "stuff" from Phil Farquharson...

On the Athabaska Glacier, 1975
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D100 pix
To some images made with the Nikon D100 digital SLR in 2003
Florida pix
To some images made during a visit to St. Petersburg, Florida in 2004
San Jacinto
Aerial images of The Elsinore Fault Zone, San Diego County

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Scans from old slides using a Nikon Scantouch AX-1200 Scanner
with Transparency Adapter (bought in July 1995)
Osprey over Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana
Canyon Ferry Lake
Porter Cabin near Leland, Wisconsin
Family Cabin in Wisconsin
New Years Eve Sunset
The Tetons in Winter
Moraine Lake, Banff N. P., Alberta
Moraine Lake, Alberta
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Gray Fox
Gray Fox in my yard
Spider On Sand Dune, North Dakota
North Dakota Spider
Mt. Whitney Trail
Mount Whitney Trail
Stonewall Peak
Stonewall Peak

Scans of 35mm slides,
using my HP Photosmart Scanner (from 1997 through 2002)
Ruby Mountains, Montana
Ruby Mtn Sunrise
Sunset at the North Rim
North Rim Sunset
Monument Valley Tribal Park
Monument Valley Arch
Mt. Rainier from Puyallup River Valley
Puyallup River Valley
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Mt. Whitney Sunrise
Mt. Whitney Sunrise
OB Pier Sunset
OB Pier Sunset
To the panoramics...

Digital Images from my Olympus C2000Z Camera, purchased December 1999
Wyoming fish fossils
Scenes from a road trip in September 2001
From the 737 window at up to 37,000 feet
Oblique Aerial Images
Sailing Around San Diego
Sailing Images
Mountains and Deserts Around San Diego
Mountains and Deserts
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